Arun Sharma

                             Making Visible Connections


My installation and sculpture based artwork is an autobiographical extension of myself.  By intuitively responding to different materials, processes, and concepts, I create art work that reveals my true nature, my feelings and thoughts about an idea, or an experience I had. 

Recently, the most common themes that have emerged from the artwork are birth and death. The Seed is a visual representation of the anxiety I have and the conviction I need to move forward with the knowledge that one day my life will end. As I stand on the precipice of becoming a responsible husband and father, leaving my youth behind, I can’t help but contemplate my own mortality. With Untitled (coffin & ants), ants toil around a lit up, life-size coffin. This piece comes from my attempt to see optimism in death. It deals with the inevitability of death, the way death sustains and helps regenerate new life, and it also begins to tap into ideas of the afterlife.  Although the thought of my own mortality can be depressing, I realize that my death will make room for new life and that my energy will be transformed into another form. 

With my artwork, I try to elevate the viewer's senses by drawing them into a world beyond the familiar, all the while presenting to them themes that they identify with.

My hope is that if I am able to tap into some truth about myself through my art work, that in some way it will translate for others as a universal truth.  If not, then perhaps through my artwork, a seed will get planted within the viewer and slowly as the seed matures, the viewer will understand more about themselves and their experience in this world. 


Arun Sharma


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