Arun Sharma

Fracture Teabowls

When making functional pottery I tend to only use porcelain and two different celadon glazes. I am attracted to porcelain because of its smooth, sensuous feel, along with its white vitrified surface. The two glazes I use, celadon and amber celadon, have so many variations that I never tire or cease to be surprised by the results. I am particularly interested in making teabowls because it is a functional form that is placed on one's lips. It is that kind of intimacy that compels me to continue exploring the teabowl. My appreciation for the teabowl started while studying the Japanese ceramics aesthetic in Kyoto and Osaka. As an admirer of the Japanese aesthetic, I attempt to explore ways in which to bring this aesthetic into the world that I am living in. I want to study and take part in its history without replicating what has traditionally been done, but instead make it more authentic by personalizing it. With my teabowls, I take the Japanese teabowl form and interpret it with Western aesthetics. Instead of using stoneware I used porcelain. Instead of being wood or raku fired I used glaze in a soda atmosphere. Some of the pieces presented come from the Fracture Series. The cracks were completely intentional as they bring a sense of time & poetry to these beautiful yet imperfect objects. I feel that these cracks go against the tradition of porcelain because porcelain is traditionally seen as being delicate and fragile, with any cracks being associated with error. One of the main reasons I am attracted to the Fracture Series aesthetic is because many times, it fits how I feel about myself. I try to be well centered and composed but find that being human, I can't help but make mistakes. These teabowls with their cracked surfaces and surface variations allow me to feel a sense of comfort in being naturally flawed. Instead of detracting from the piece, these attributes give each handmade teabowl a uniquely striking personality.
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