Arun Sharma

Figurative Sculptures

My American Friend (2008) and Ashes to Dust (2009) On September 11th, 2001, my best friend Richard Hayden and I witnessed the collapse of the Twin Towers. This event significantly impacted us in different ways. While I decided to travel, Rich joined the Navy with the specific intent of becoming a Corpsman for the Marines. His ideals led him to join the Military and as a result he purposefully put himself in harm's way. Although I opposed his decision to join the Military, he needed my support and I provided it. The most tense time was when he was serving in Fallujah, Iraq. These pieces are a residual product of all the anxiety I felt whenever I thought about the vulnerability and fragility of his mortality. I find figurative art to be the most powerful and expressive form of art. When approaching my own figurative work, particularly portraiture pieces, I will generally tend to use people I know and have had a direct relationship with. The history of my relationship with a person enables me to create work that has substantial depth, meaning and/or emotion.
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